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Continuing Education (CE)

*60 minute training hours or the equivalent = 1 CE

Continuing Education credits (CEs) are required for those who wish to maintain their membership level with some aromatherapy organizations and/or their Registered Aromatherapist (RA) credential through the Aromatherapy Registration Council (ARC). The AIA requires 12 CEs annually for our Professional members and 20 CEs for our Advanced Practitioner members. The ARC requires 100 CEs over five (5) years for RA renewal.

The CE Providers listed below have submitted their courses for review by the AIA and are recognized for meeting the criteria for continuing education by the AIA Review Team. By attending a course offered by an AIA Recognized Provider means that your CEs from that course are preapproved for renewal credit with the AIA. Those certificates given at the end of courses recognized by the AIA Recognized CE Provider Program may bear the AIA Recognized CE Provider logo.

Note: Not all educational offerings by an AIA Recognized Provider may be recognized. Please check with the CE provider.

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Recognized CE Providers

The AIA is proud to present the providers listed here, as they have met the criteria for continuing education courses under AIA’s CE Provider recognition program. Continuing Education credits (CEs) opportunities are available through the following providers and educational programs:

At the Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies, co-principals Colleen Thompson and Kelly Ablard recognize the vital role of aromatherapy certification. To this end, EOT provides two distinguished aromatherapy certification programs.

We also acknowledge that the most successful certified aromatherapists often distinguish themselves by focusing on a specific aromatherapy specialty. We offer specialized programs in five prominent aromatherapy disciplines to foster this specialization and assist certified aromatherapists in finding their unique area of expertise.

While our courses are designed to help aromatherapists successfully establish their niche, we advocate for continuous education.

You can learn more about our programs here.

Our AIA CE approved Aromatherapy courses: 

  • Advanced Aromatherapy Science Program (AASP)For those eager to explore the scientific underpinnings of aromatherapy in greater depth, this in-depth 48-hour program, led by Marco Valussi and Dr. Benoit Roger, comprises 66 videos, all with closed captioning, and is structured into five distinct modules. Participants can enroll in the entire program or select individual modules according to their interests and needs.  Graduates of the AASP will receive a diploma in Advanced Aromatherapy Science.
  • Animal Aromatherapy Certification - The Animal Aromatherapy Certification Course is 60.5 hours and is instructed by Certified Animal Aromatherapist Amy Delong. This course covers dogs, cats and other small mammals, birds, and reptiles. Graduates of the course can establish or enhance an animal aromatherapy practice, create animal-friendly products and/or use the information personally.

For more information, visit:

Naturopathic CE is an online continuing education provider for aromatherapists and other natural medicine practitioners. Courses are pre-approved, available instantly and on-demand, with lifetime access and certificates of completion available immediately. We offer courses in botanical medicine, aromatherapy, homeopathy, nutrition, pharmacology, ethics, and more. With instructors like Rhiannon Lewis, Timothy Miller, Ann Harman, Marco Valussi, Susan Parker, and many more!

We strive to offer the best possible online learning experience. We know that learning online is nothing like being in person, but we are trying to make it all that it can be. Come and learn with us! 

You can view the Course Catalog here.

Here are some of our highly rated Aromatherapy courses: 

For more information, visit:


AIA approves applications from prospective providers with their own curriculum which are separate entities from AIA. AIA Recognized CE Providers have met the minimum criteria established by the AIA. However a provider may choose to teach curriculum over and above the AIA guidelines. AIA does not expressly endorse any curriculum or teachings that are outside the minimum criteria established by the AIA. While AIA Recognized CE Providers are required to renew their offerings every two (2) years, the AIA does not independently audit AIA Recognized CE Providers curriculum in between filings. An individual with a concern regarding an AIA Recognized CE Provider may file a complaint with the AIA using the form provided online.

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